£1,250 International Experience Fund at the University of Brighton

The student scholarships seek to encourage and allow eligible scholars to take up suitable opportunities overseas. Aimed at: Pre-graduates. Description of the scholarship: About the fund: Thanks to the liberal charitable provision given by Santander Universities and alumni and friends of the university, a fund per annum exists to help eligible undergraduate students take advantage […]

Full Scholarships in Belgium 2020 – 2021

Application Deadline: 01/10/2020 – 07/02/2020 During all the years, the international scholarship program in Belgium called ARES offers students from only four countries in the Latin American continent to continue their educational goals in the aforementioned European country. Institutions where the studies will be carried out: All universities in Belgium subscribed to the ARES scholarship […]

Studying Abroad – How Do I Know If I’m ready For an Abroad Program?

At first, the choice to evaluate you study abroad options may appear to be a simple one. Who doesn’t need the chance to investigate an altogether extraordinary city and nation while meeting new universal companions en route? Be that as it may, upon further reflection, numerous imminent investigation abroad understudies will in general, detail questions […]